Studies Showing the Effectiveness of Verbenone

Studies conclude that treatment with Verbenone pouches or SPLAT paste are between 85% and 100% effective at preventing beetle attack.



SUMMARY Operational Success of Verbenone Against the Mountain Pine Beetle

Over the last 20 years, Verbenone has been shown to be very successful in repelling Mountain Pine Beetles.

Pouches have been studied for nearly 20 years, showing high efficacy in every study.

SPLAT has been studied for 10+ years and has shown to be nearly 100% successful in repelling Mountain Pine Beetle from pine trees in repeated studies between 2011 to 2021. In fact, when compared to both trees treated with standard pouches and untreated trees (all of which had MPB bait), SPLAT deters MPB colonization better than other verbenone treatments - even if the pouches contained twice the active ingredient.

All studies concluded that treatment with verbenone pouches and SPLAT Verb at roughly 11 meter centers protects trees from attack by the MPB, even when the tested trees included trees with actual beetle bait attached.

It is very difficult to find current studies using Verbenone on Southern Pine Beetles. Most were produced before Verbenone was widely used or even approved for use.

Operational Success of Verbenone Against the Southern Pine Beetle: This study concluded that treatment with Verbenone had a high efficacy rate against SPB when used in a strong program of forest management.

In a Journal of Forestry article entitled, "A Scentsible Approach to Controlling Southern Pine Beetles: Two New Tactics Using Verbenone", results of an early study using systhetic beetle pheromones for controlling southern pine beetle infestations - verbenone - were introduced.