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Verbenone and SPLAT Verb are effective deterrents to Mountain Pine Beetle infestation.

Adult mountain pine beetles (MPB) burrow into trees and lay eggs into the bark, enabling the larvae to infest and destroy the tree. The mountain pine beetle is also a vector for blue stain fungus, which, combined with larval feeding, blocks water and nutrient transport within the tree.

Colorado State University Extension services estimates that one infested tree will kill at least two and possibly more trees. Once a tree is infested, nothing practical can be done to save it. Prevention of Mountain Pine Beetle, Douglas-Fir Beetle or Spruce Beetle attack is the only option.

Though sporadic pine beetle outbreaks are a natural part of western U.S. ecosystems, beetle populations typically grow in response to the favorable effects of warmer temperatures (that help beetle development) and drought that stresses host trees.

Beetle outbreaks have been unusually large and intense since 2009, razing forests from Alaska to Baja California, New Mexico to Montana and east to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Beetle habitat ranges from near sea level in British Columbia, to 11,000 feet in southern California.

Mountain Pine, Fir and Spruce Beetles, and IPS beetles take turns causing devastation. Heavy snow pack and wet weather provide a slowdown of the Pine Beetle damage because the hydrated trees are stronger in the Spring through summer. However, as drought returns, so do the beetles. Previous Pine Beetle devastation invites IPS beetles, which establish themselves in freshly killed or damaged trees and downed and burned trees, then build up large enough populations to take over healthier forests. So it is doubly important to prevent the MPB damage early.

Because of the change in weather patterns, higher prevalence of drought and warmer temperatures, beetles are hatching earlier and staying later. The 11 most affected western states expect a lot more mortality in the next 3-5 years. The recent rise in tree mortality at mid-elevations of 3000-5000’ is particularly problematic. And fires have been epidemic.

Verbenone pouches have been used by the Forest Service, Municipalities and Small Towns, Neighborhood Associations, and private individuals for over a decade to protect high value pine trees from the ravages of the Mountain Pine Beetle. Verbenone is non-toxic and natural, but highly effective. It targets only the insects killing your trees, and leaves beneficial insects, humans, pets and wildlife completely unharmed.

Studies conducted in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado have proven its effectiveness in repelling beetle attacks for up to 100 days with each application.

More recent studies have shown that SPLAT Verb Paste is up to 100% effective at repelling Mountain Pine Beetles.

Now the best treatments are also the most economical treatments. We have discounted our pricing to make it less expensive than the toxic spray currently being employed by unsuspecting home owners whose birds and wildlife are adversely affected by the chemicals.

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