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We've been in the business of helping clients use the least toxic, most effective insect control for 40 years.



Our family has lived in the Colorado Rockies since 1920. Our roots are tied to the land, the mountains, the trees, the wildlife.

A pet supply retailer discovers verbenone

Our business life started in 1982 with a small pet boutique where we handled dozens of pets each day. Many of them suffered from fleas, ticks, and mange mites. In those days, cholinesterase-inhibiting chemicals that affect the nervous system of mammals were the chemicals of choice to kill pet pests: Sevin (Carbaryl), Malathion, and Dursban. The pets were bathed in them, and we were bathed in them. Looking back it is a frightening thought.

Over the years we moved into the pet retail industry and became huge proponents of natural, non-toxic products that were both safe for people and their pets and effective at taming the pests that inhabit their world. Pyrethrins became popular. Then products like D-Limonene. Insect Growth Regulators stopped insect reproduction. The number of high quality, safe, non-toxic products grew and grew like Jack's bean stalk. And our business chugged along happily like the Little Engine that Could.

A pine beetle solution free of pesticides

Our Verbenone business was started by a devastating discovery of Mountain Pine Beetle-killed trees on our own acreage and a fortuitous association with the manufacturer of the original Verbenone pouches.

Nearly 20 years ago, we arrived at our cabin on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park to find that we had several dead trees. What was happening here? After dozens and dozens of calls to the Colorado Department of Agriculture as well as the National Forest Service, our local Park Rangers, Entomologists, and arborists, we learned that the beetles (MPB) were on the march. They were devastating the Western Slope and were wrecking havoc on our side of the Continental Divide.

What to do about our trees? No one had a GOOD solution. EVERYONE was using terribly toxic chemicals to spray the trees that were not affected in order to prevent them from becoming casualties. The Park had decided not to treat any trees except those visible from the roads and at trail heads or picnic areas. They were spraying with (and continue to spray with) Carbaryl. Carbaryl is so toxic and carcinogenic that the applicators must wear protective clothing and gear and get blood tests every 3 months.

We had given up these chemicals in our own environment a decade ago! There had to be a better way. Someone finally mentioned Verbenone. But no one knew where to find it, how to use it, or how to get it. The hunt was on!

We could never have guessed where we would find it. One of the manufacturers of our pet products was the manufacturer of Verbenone as well. Right in our own sand box!

Our first thought, "Everyone needs to know about this. Everyone needs access to this. How are we going to get the word out?"

That was 20 years ago. Shop4Verbenone.com was born. Today we have thousands of clients who count on us to keep them up to date on the state of the forests and provide them with the safest, most effective products to protect their property whether it is a national forest or a little patch of heaven.

Do we know the differences among the chemicals, IGR's, and Pheromones on the market for use against Pine Beetles? Yes. Some are very hard on the environment. Some are very hard on people and mammalian populations. Some are natural and green. Some work. Some work better. And some work Best. We'll help you understand them.

Do we know the health and environmental consequences of the different chemical prophelactics and treatments today? Yes.

Do we know the research behind the recommendations? Yes.

Can we help you make hard choices with informed decision? Yes!

Would we recommend you use something we wouldn't use ourselves? No!

Can we provide you with the greenest and best products to protect your ornamental and high-value trees? Yes! Yes! Yes!

We're here to help. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call. 512-282-3003

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