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Verbenone protects important pine trees

Precious Pines provide beauty. But they also perform a lot of other duties such as hiding this privy or shading the picnic table.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is the most destructive forest pest in North America. And the Canadian Forest Service describes the current pine beetle epidemic as the largest insect infestation in North American history. Verbenone pouches or paste employ the beetle's own pheromone to trick them into thinking that the tree is already infested and that they need to look elsewhere for a suitable host tree.

These Ponderosas are at slightly lower risk than most lodge pole forests because ponderosas generally grow further apart. When trees are spaced more generously, the beetles have a harder time flying from one tree to another. Thinning is a good practice to naturally protect your trees.

Verbenone is a pine bark beetle treatment that contains a synthetic beetle pheromone, which repels Pine Beetles from your trees.

Use on Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Whitebark Pine, Western White Pine, Southwestern White Pine, Sugar Pine, Pinyon Pine, Limber Pine, Loblolly Pine. Repels Mountain Pine beetles and (to a lesser extent) Southern Pine beetles, Western Pine beetles, other Pine Bark Beetles such as IPS.

Insects do not develop resistance to Verbenone as they do with conventional pesticides, and Verbenone contains no poisonous substances. It poses no threat to beneficial insects, humans, pets, wildlife or the environment.

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See "Preventative Spraying Techniques for Mountain Pine Beetle Control" Studies have shown that during epidemic conditions, the pressure from beetle populations who must go SOMEWHERE (even if conditions are not optimum for them) may reduce the effectiveness of all treatments. Given the "find a tree of any size or perish" imperative that emerging pine beetles face, they may habituate to both chemicals and pheromones. However, we still have a few years to work on the problem in areas that are not yet overrun. That time may give just the breather necessary to let nature begin to draw back the danger or for other management techniques to take hold.