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BRAND NEW, FRESH, SPLAT Verbenone paste tubes are here.

Each tube treats 10 trees.
Repellent lasts 90-120 days depending on the weather.
Uses 28 oz caulk gun purchased at any home improvement store.

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Splat Verbenone Paste provides controlled and sustained release of verbenone anti-aggregation pheromone to repel Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB) from your trees for up to 120 days. The pheromone fragrance tells beetles to stay away.

SPLAT contains the strongest Verbenone available for up to 99% efficacy!

Splat Verbenone targets only the insects killing your trees. It is completely harmless to beneficial insects, humans, pets, wildlife and the environment. It is also nearly invisible in the forest, and the doseage per tree can be easily adjusted to accommodate extra large trees and smaller specimens alike.

Easy, DIY application. Eliminates the need for a hammer, staple gun, or nails. Just squeeze a cookie-sized dollop on all 4 sides of the tree from 6-10' up the trunk. Each tube treats 10 trees.

Use on Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Whitebark Pine, Western White Pine, Southwestern White Pine, Sugar Pine, Pinyon Pine, Limber Pine, Loblolly Pine and others.

Yosemite National Park uses SPLAT Verbenone to protect sugar pines in the Park from Mountain Pine Beetles.