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Splat Verbenone Paste

Invisible Protection Against Mountain Pine Beetles

Strongest Verbenone Available!
Up to 99% effective!

Same Active Ingredient
as Verbenone Pouches

New, invisible SPLAT Verb Paste is a beetle repellent that provides controlled and sustained release of verbenone anti-aggregation pheromone to repel Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB). By applying SPLAT Verb to a healthy and un-infested tree, host-tree-seeking Mountain Pine Beetles will identify that tree and surrounding area as undesirable and pass it by. It is an outstanding alternative to conventional Verbenone MPB treatments because it has a high-level of effectiveness, long dispursal life, and easy application method.

Splat Verbenone targets only the insects killing your trees. It is completely harmless to beneficial insects, humans, pets, wildlife and the environment. It is also nearly invisible in the forest, and the doseage per tree can be easily adjusted to accommodate extra large trees and smaller specimens alike.

Recent studies showed an efficacy rate of nearly 100% protection on trees treated with SPLAT Verb compared to 93% mortalilty of untreated trees (control group), and treatment with SPLAT Verb proved comparable or superior using half the active ingredient of other verbenone products.

Apply Splat Verbenone with a caulk dispenser
Splat Verbenone Pouch

Contained in a caulking-tube-style applicator, SPLAT Verb is the newest application method for spreading verbenone. It is applied to a tree in small blobs of beetle-repellent paste. The biologically active quantities of verbenone are released from the paste globs over a period of 8 - 24 weeks, and beetles stay away. In most cases, this is enough to provide protection for an entire MPB flight season.

The new Splat beetle repellent paste eliminates the need for a hammer, staple gun, or nails. And, unlike pouches, it is invisible and does not need to be removed each season. It is water soluble, so if any gets onto your hands (unlikely), it will rinse off with just a little dish soap and water.

It also allows the verbenone to be available on all sides of a tree for wind and sun optimization.

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SPLAT Verbenone Pine Beetle Paste in a Tube (750 grams: treats 10 trees).

Uses 28 oz caulk gun purchased at any home improvement store.

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