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SPLAT Verb is an environmentally friendly repellent that provides sustained and controlled release of the verbenone anti-aggregation pheromone to repel Mountain Pine Beetles. By applying SPLAT Verb to a healthy and un-infested tree, host-seeking Mountain Pine Beetles will identify a tree as an undesirable host and leave it unharmed.

SPLATV is the newest application method for verbenone. Contained in a tiny squeeze pouch or caulking-tube-style applicator, it is applied to a tree in small dollops of repellent paste. The biologically active quantities of verbenone are released from the little paste globs over a period of 8 - 24 weeks, and beetles stay away. In most cases, this is enough to provide protection for an entire MPB flight season.

The new paste eliminates the need for a hammer, nails or pouches that are visible and/or must be removed each season. It is water soluble, so if any gets onto your hands,(unlikely) it will rinse off with just a little dish soap and water.

It also allows the verbenone to be available on all sides of a tree for wind and sun optimization.

splat verb pouch

Squeezable pouches come in minimum quantity of 10 pouches and treat one tree per each pouch. Caulk-tube-applicators come in 750 gram tubes for use on 10 trees (75 grams per tree). If ordering the caulk-tube, we recommend that you also purchase a caulk gun calibrated to dispense the appropriate amount per squeeze. Call for discounts over 650 pouches or 65 tubes.

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SPLAT Verbenone Pine Beetle Squeeze Pouches(75 grams: treats 1 tree each with 7.5 grams of active ingredient)

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Treatment Timing:

  • Splat should be applied at the same time that any of the other verbenone products are applied. SPLAT Verb is formulated to release biologically active quantities of verbenone over a period of 8 - 24 weeks. In most cases, this is enough to provide protection for an entire MPB flight period.
  • In most high elevation and mountain state locations, significant beetle flight begins by July 4. Under normal weather conditions, treatment below 5,000 feet elevation should be started early June. Treatment in high elevations (over 8,000 feet) should begin during the first week of July. Hotter deploys earlier. (Much lower elevations like the Okanagan Valley, and areas with hotter than average temperatures, may need to deploy in May.

Application Instructions:

  • For Mountain Pine Beetles, Apply four 17.5 gram dollops of SPLAT VERB evenly spaced around the tree at 6-7 ft high just prior to beetle flight season (see above). Each dollops should be 2 inches in diameter.
  • For larger areas, apply up to 1.5 kilograms per acre (2 tubes). Apply SPLAT Verb to 10-20 trees per acre (2 tubes of product) at the rate of 75 - 115 grams per tree. Application must be evenly spaced throughout the acre.
  • SPLAT products produce a Halo Effect: a circular range of protection whereby all trees within 30 feet of an applied trees are protected. At areas larger than 5 acres, SPLAT Verb quickly becomes more cost effective than our competitors.

Storage & Shelf Life:

  • SPLAT Verb is a ready-to-use, thick liquid formulation. However, it may harden if stored in a refrigerated area. It is recommended to allow at least 48 hours at room temperature for the SPLAT formulation to return to a workable consistency. Regardless of storage conditions, it is recommended to check the product 24 hours before application to see that it is about the consistency of tooth paste.
  • Unused SPLAT will last 2 years (or more) if refrigerated. For short term storage of less than 2 months, store in cool indoor area (or air-conditioned area if available). For long term storage of more than 2 months, store in refrigerator (do not store in freezer).

Operational Success of Verbenone Against the Mountain Pine Beetle: Most studies concluded that treatment with SPLAT paste had a very high efficacy rate.

  • According to a blog on Feb 3, 2016: Throughout a two-year USDA-funded research project, SPLAT Verb consistently achieved a 100 percent rate of protection when applied to individual lodgepole pines, even when bark beetle infestation rates were shown to be high. For example, in a 2012–2013 study, 28 out of 30 untreated control trees fell victim to the beetle plague, whereas all SPLAT Verb-treated trees within the same vicinity remained healthy and un-infested a full year after treatment. In addition, these studies showed that SPLAT Verb can produce a protective “halo effect” that repels MPB from the trees up to 11 meters from the one it was directly applied.
  • In an article titled, "Applied Chemical Ecology of the Mountain Pine Beetle" by Robert A. Progar, Nancy Gillette, Christopher J. Fettig, and Kathryn Hrinkevich, Fettig et al. (2012d) began evaluating SPLAT formulated with verbenone (“SPLATVerb”) for protecting individual P. contorta from mortality attributed to D. ponderosae in Wyoming in 2011.

    After being deployed in the field for 23 days, dollops of SPLATVerb (Figure 5) still contained 40% of their original concentration of verbenone, and it was not until 12 months in the field that trace amounts of chrysanthenone, a compound with no known effects on bark beetle behavior (see Chemical Stability in the Forest Environment for related issues), were detected (C.J. Fettig, A. Mafra-Neto, and A.S. Munson, unpubl. data, Jan. 15, 2013).

    Although this research is in the early stages of development, SPLATVerb appears promising for individual tree protection as 100% tree protection was observed, whereas 93.3% tree mortality occurred in the untreated control. (C.J. Fettig, A. Mafra-Neto, and A.S. Munson, unpubl. data, Jan. 15, 2013).

More Studies Coming Soon.

Tips for Keeping your Trees Protected:

  • Monitor you trees closely, watch for change and learn about MPB.
  • Keep your trees healthy, water thoroughly and regularly.
  • Remove green attack: trees that are carrying larvae but are not dead; this is critical to your success.
  • Dispose of infested trees properly. Burning or chipping is the most common.
  • Reducing "basal area" (average amount of an area occupied by tree stems) to less than 100 sq ft per acre is recommended. In other words, thin your forest for optimal tree health.
  • Use Verbenone. On larger properties not every tree needs to be treated.

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