Western Slope Colorado 2008

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US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Again Purchases Verbenone Pouches for 2016! US Forest Service purchases Pouches AND SPLAT Verb

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Colorado State University Extension services estimates that one infested tree will kill at least two and possibly more trees. Thus the exponential devastation occurs.

Once a tree is infested, nothing practical can be done to save it. Prevention of mountain pine beetle attack is the only option.

Verbeonone has been used by the Forest Service, Municipalities and Small Towns, Neighborhood Associations, and private individuals for over a decade to protect high value pine trees from the ravages of the Mountain Pine Beetle. It is non-toxic and natural, but highly effective.

Studies conducted in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado have proven its effectiveness in repelling beetle attacks for up to 100 days with each application.

We have discounted our pricing to make it less expensive than the toxic spray currently being employed by unsuspecting home owners whose birds and wildlife are adversely affected by the chemicals. Now the best treatment is also the most economical treatment.

Everything you need to know about Mountain Pine Beetles in Layman's Terms. Click Here

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We've been in the business of helping clients use the least toxic, most effective insect control for 40 years.

Do we know the differences among the chemicals, IGR's, and Pheromones on the market for use against Pine Beetles? Yes. Some are very hard on the environment. Some are very hard on people and mammalian populations. Some are natural and green. Some work. Some work better. And some work Best. We'll help you understand them.

Do we know the health and environmental consequences of the different chemical prophelactics and treatments today? Yes.

Do we know the research behind the recommendations? Yes.

Can we help you make hard choices with informed decision? Yes!

Would we recommend you use something we wouldn't use ourselves? No!

Can we provide you with the greenest and best products to protect your ornamental and high-value trees? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Save up to 10%: No Sale Tax unless in Texas.

As low as $6.90 per tree for pouches or $9.99 for SPLAT Verb Paste.

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